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Conference & Exhibition

C&D Corporation initiated its business in conference and exhibition at the beginning of 2001. Through nearly ten years of development, Conference & Exhibition Group showed great growth in various business areas. A development pattern of self-owned area operating, commissioned area operating, and self-holding exhibitions coexisting with conference reception service, advertisement designing and booth building and transportation has been formed. It has become a large-scale comprehensive conference and exhibition enterprise that has ranked among top ten of domestic industry for its venue size. And it has repeatedly won honorary titles such as "Top 10 Conference and Exhibition Group in China", "Top 10 Brand Conference and Exhibition Venue in China" and "Top 10 Most Influential Conference and Exhibition Enterprises in China".

Today, Conference & Exhibition Group operates and manages three large-scale modern venues and one high-end concert hall, with a total area of over 1 million square meters. In the past decade, Conference & Exhibition Group has successfully held more than 3,000 conferences and exhibitions of different kinds, including China International Fair for Investment and Trade, China Xiamen Machinery & Electronics Exhibition, China International Medical Equipment Fair, China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition. Besides, it has many well-known brand exhibitions of its own: "China Xiamen International Stone Fair" has been the largest one of its kind around the world; "China Xiamen International Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair" has been the No.1 of its kind across the globe; Cross-Straits Building Material & Products Fair is the largest professional trade exhibition hosted in Taiwan by Mainland China.

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